imageEquity Trading

Erste Securities Polska is one of the leading members of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in terms of equity trading in the secondary market in the institutional investors segment. The clients of Erste Securities Polska include:

  • 12 open-ended pension funds,
  • 24 Polish mutual funds,
  • foreign mutual funds,
  • insurance and asset & wealth management companies,
  • foreign clients of Erste Group.

Erste Securities Polska offers services related to processing and clearing orders concerning equity trading in the primary and secondary markets. Brokerage services include:

  • brokerage in equity trading in the  capital markets,
  • executing discretionary stock broking orders,
  • executing cross, block and OTC trades,
  • short sale of stocks.

Erste Securities Polska provides broad access to capital markets in Europe and the United States, including the NYSE, LSE, CEESEG, FWB, BIST, etc. 

In addition to brokerage services, Erste Securities Polska provides the following services to clients from Poland and abroad as part of its equity capital raising offer:

  • initial public offering (IPO) and secondary public offering (SPO) of shares,
  • secondary public offering (SPO) among institutional investors,
  • accelerated book-building (ABB),
  • organizing “investor education” meetings,
  • organizing “roadshows” of Polish and foreign companies,
  • collecting feedback from investors as part of “pilot phishing.”

In addition to providing support in capital market transactions, Erste Securities Polska invites investors and issuers to attend annual conferences organized by Erste Group in Stegersbach, London and Istanbul. Apart from Erste Group clients, the conferences are also attended by investment bankers from all over  Central and Eastern Europe. Individual meetings, presentations and panel discussions are organized during the conference, which serve as a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences.