imageEquity Capital Markets

Erste Group specializes in equity capital markets products offering access to stock exchanges in New York, London, Frankfurt, Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Budapest, Zagreb, Bucharest and Belgrade.

Our ECM product range includes:

  • IPOs
  • SPOs
  • ABBs
  • Private placements
  • Advisory Services
  • Convertible Bonds

Our customers can rely on our ability to execute  projects in all the countries Erste Group is represented in via  combining our international expertise with local rules and regulations, ensuring a high level of flexibility and  short time to market.


The Equity Capital Markets department is staffed with  a dedicated team of national and international experts. Erste Group is known for its ability to successfully place Equity Capital Markets products with both institutional and retail investors.

The ECM team in Poland specializing  in capital markets has conducted successful offerings  simultaneously on two and three different European stock exchanges.

Erste Securities Polska acts as advisor in projects dedicated to the listings on WSE’s main market and also acts as an authorized advisor in NewConnect. Being a Member of WSE and KDPW allows ESP to directly provide its clients with all the necessary services with regards to the listing process and placement of shares.