imageDerivatives Trading

Erste Securities Polska is one of the most active members of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in derivatives trading. The share of Erste Securities Polska in trading futures contracts on the WSE is 8%, whereas the share in block deals involving futures transactions is as high as 30%.

As part of the derivatives trading business, including futures contracts and options, Erste Securities Polska processes and clears transactions with the following underlying instruments:

  • stocks,
  • treasury bonds,
  • stock indices,
  • interest rates,
  • currencies,
  • commodities.

The portfolio of brokerage services involving derivative instruments includes:

  • derivatives trading in capital markets,
  • executing discretionary broking orders,
  • executing cross, block and arbitrage deals on a basket of WIG20 stocks vs. the Index.

Erste Securities Polska provides access to capital markets in Europe and the United States, including CME, ICE, EUREX, LIFFE, SGX, MEFF, HKFE, etc. 

Erste Securities Polska enjoys the confidence of institutional investors for the quality of its services and its technological innovativeness in providing them, qualities which are reflected in the brokerage house rankings.